Tips to Save Money at Your Wedding

Having a big wedding can cost a lot of money. Therefore, it is important to plan well in advance, to make a realistic budget and to explore different alternatives.

Save money without making the wedding less festive

Save money without making the wedding less festive

Here you can save money without making the wedding less festive for that matter. This is not a checklist of everything you need to think about when planning a wedding. However, there is a list of different tips to keep costs down.

Tips for saving money at your or your child’s wedding

Tips for saving money at your or your child

  1. Set up a budget. This way you can emphasize what you think is important.
  2. Make a checklist so that you have control and can book of everything that needs to be done. That way you won’t have to leave expensive solutions at the last minute.
  3. Be out in time. Then you can compare different alternatives and prices in peace and quiet.
  4. Wedding dress and wedding rings can easily pull off financially. Determine a level and compare prices. If you shop online, do it in good time so that you have time to check quality and make any changes.
  5. Do not forget that there is a large selection of wedding dresses. For him, it is cheaper to rent a coat than to buy one.
  6. Why not let your wedding rings be made of old gold items that have been melted down and redone?
  7. Printed matter can be ordered cheaply at eg. Vistaprint. If you or someone related is skilled at designing, it can also work to make and print them yourself.
  8. An invitation can be virtually free if you make it as a website or video online.
  9. Think about how many to be invited. Somewhere you have to draw a boundary. It is now generally accepted to invite more to the church than to the subsequent party, although one should then be clear to avoid misunderstandings.
  10. If the wedding ceremony and the party are held at the same place, you avoid the hassle and costs of transport.
  11. Holding a wedding party in a banquet or subscribed restaurant is usually expensive. Think about what other premises are available.
  12. Arrange so that the same flowers can be used both during the wedding and dinner.
  13. You have the right to take alcohol from abroad for personal use. This includes, for example, your own wedding party. So it might be worthwhile to take the car to the border shops Germany for a weekend.
  14. You can also have a bar at a cost (after dinner) instead of a free bar.
  15. If you book catering, pastry and musicians, you can save money on being out on time and avoiding the biggest wedding weekends.
  16. When it comes to wedding photos, there may be people in your acquaintance who think it would be fun to take care of that thing. But don’t take anyone, but someone you know is good.
  17. Accommodation for the wedding night should be booked early, before the most affordable options disappear.
  18. The honeymoon is usually cheaper and the freedom of choice is greater if you book it well in advance.
  19. Arrange a collection for the honeymoon instead of gifts.
  20. Remember that you can use bonus points on the flight to upgrade to Business or First Class (if you fly regularly) on the honeymoon.
  21. Think outside the box. You can have a civil wedding with a few guests and a wedding party li

Borrowing money for the wedding?


According to a survey conducted by Synovate on behalf of Swedbank in 2010, a Swedish wedding costs an average of USD 54,000. This is beyond most people’s everyday budget, so it is common with wedding loans.

If you take a private loan for your wedding, it is important to compare interest rates, installment time, terms and the total cost. Here at Rosamond Vincy we can help you to compare loan offers from about 20 banks completely free of charge .

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