The ways to save with the car

In case you still hadn’t noticed, your car is a machine to spend money. The most repeated advice of all to save with the car is not to have it and, instead, use public transport or the bicycle. However, for many people it is a good of first necessity that they cannot do without.

Would you like to know what are the only four ways to save with the car?

Buy it second hand

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Cars are devalued at a speed of vertigo. According to Autobild, as soon as you enroll you lose 18% of its value , during the first six years the depreciation is 10% per year and from there 5% every year. In ten years a car in Spain is worth 87% less than when it was purchased .

From an economic point of view it is much smarter to buy a used car. It is worth looking at dealerships cars of kilometers 0 that are practically new or other used cars whose prices are much cheaper. It is unlikely that a vehicle with less than 30 or 40,000 kilometers occasions problems.

Save with insurance

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Insurance is a fixed annual expense of all cars. It is also worth losing several afternoons in doing a thorough market study to find the best deals for your vehicle. But beware, the best offers do not mean they are the cheapest. In matters of insurance, cheap can end up being expensive. We must look for the price / performance balance .

In general, you can check and buy prices in three ways:

  1. In insurance comparators like Rastreator, the most popular of all, or any other of the style. Surely the prices you find here will be the minimum possible, so take a look at the policy to make sure there are no major coverage missing.
  2. Calling the different insurers one by one to know their offers. Sometimes they offer promotions and discounts only to customers who contract directly with them.
  3. With apps that allow you to save on insurance . The best known are Junntar and Coverfy.

Save on fuel

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Fuel is another considerable fixed expense of the vehicle. On average, Spanish families spend almost 1,200 euros per year on fuel. It is a lot of money and the saving margin is not to shoot rockets.

You can save a little by looking for the cheapest gas stations that are around you (which are usually low cost gas stations), avoiding refueling on weekends and taking advantage of discounts and promotions that certain companies make to their customers, such as -8 % of Carrefour or -4% of ING at some gas stations.

Save in the workshop

Finally, you can save a lot of money if you do a good maintenance of the vehicle and avoid spending more time than necessary in the workshop. To get it you have to pass the checks on time , check the levels from time to time, replace the tires when you touch, do not rush the substitutions of important parts, such as the timing belt, etc.

It will also help you save with the car if you choose to avoid official dealers when choosing a workshop There, labor time is much more expensive than in any conventional neighborhood workshop. If you let yourself be advised by the opinion of family and friends you can find a reliable mechanic.

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