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Many think it can be boring to spend time withholding tax, and some do this as quickly as possible. Still, it can be profitable to go through it carefully and make sure you pay the right tax and get the deductions and special features you are entitled to. It will, for example. There are many parents who forget to bring up the cost of parental allowance. You can deduct up to NOK 25,000 for one child, and then 5,000 for other children, for expenses such as SFO and daycare. This can mean a good deal of tax dollars. More of this story:

Here’s how to start your tax return check:


To verify that the tax return numbers are correct, you should review your papers. For example, check:
* Payroll and deduction statement from employer
* Annual statement from the bank and the insurance company
* Annual statement from housing cooperatives or joint ownership
* Overview of all debts, including mortgages, student loans, consumer loans and credit card debt
* Last year’s tax return – so you can compare

Are there several important deductions?


In addition to numbers, you should check your deduction options – maybe you can slim down the tax even more. Some of the most common deductions are, for example:

* Debt rates
* Parental allowance
* Commuter deduction
* Trade union quota
* Costs due to permanent illness
* Gifts given to NGOs

Electronic delivery of the tax return
You have several choices when it comes to delivering your tax return. You can of course deliver it in the traditional way on paper, or you can deliver it online, via sms or phone. Electronic delivery is possible even if you have extra deductions, changes or attachments. All you need is the birth number and PIN, which can be found at the bottom of the paper version of the tax return.

Working with the tax return: Make sure the tasks you received match what is on the received tax return. Use the checklist found in the tax return guide to see if the conditions mentioned there apply to you.

* Among other things, travel expenses to and from work on the pre-filled tax return are not included.

List the missing numbers or correct the ones that have come up with errors.


* Write in pen directly on the tax return you received. The numbers are entered in the column to the right of the figures to be corrected, possibly in a separate field on page 2. If necessary, you can attach attachments to explain what you have arrived at. Then remember to mark the attachments with your birth number.

Deliver the tax return.

* If you have no or additional information, you can submit your tax return via the internet. Check here!
* If you are supplying the paper version, be sure to sign.
* If you are delivering over the phone or the internet, sign with a personal PIN on your tax return.
What happens if you do not act properly? If you omit information, consciously or unconsciously, it can be responded to by the tax authorities.
And the reaction may be that you have to pay relatively more in taxes, a so-called additional tax.

If you think your rental income should be tax-free, do not include it in your tax return!

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